Hygiene regulations in offices and production plants

Transparent communication and observance of hygiene measures count as key factors in preventing infections. Especially in companies, production plants and healthcare institutions with many staff members, employers can contribute to the safety of their employees, customers or patients by providing appropriate information.

Face Visors: From folder to quick help!

In a very short time, DURABLE changed the production of the German plant in Gotha to be able to use the production capacities of face visors.
The DURABLE team have developed a Face Visor from materials usually used to manufacture filing products and name badges. An ordinary product turned into something unusual during these extraordinary times.
Face Visors provide a physical barrier which minimizes the exchange of droplets between people in direct contact.

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Face visor for various applications

In the office

In the barbershop

In retail

For physiotherapy

Leaflet Face Visors

Here you can download the flyer for the face visors

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What is the proper way to wash your hands in order to minimise the spread of pathogens?

Washing your hands at regular intervals is a first effective method to protect yourself against viruses and bacteria. Hands should be washed for no less than 40 to 60 seconds.


1. Use enough water and soap to cover your hands completely. 

2. Rub your palms against each other.

3. Rub the backs of your hands and your fingers against each other.

4. Dry your hands carefully with a disposable towel.


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Download the instructions directly as a PDF and use them in your business!

Info frames for company instructions

Use DURAFRAME® Info frames for notices of all kinds:

  • eye-catching presentation of information with a suitable frame colour
  • quick and flexible swapping of notices with foldable magnetic frame
  • easy mounting without tools


1) Remove the protective film.
1) Remove the protective film.
2) Attach in the desired position.
2) Attach in the desired position.
3) Lift the infoframe and insert materials.
3) Lift the infoframe and insert materials.
4) Simple! DURAFRAME® can be fixed on solid and smooth surfaces
4) Simple! DURAFRAME® can be fixed on solid and smooth surfaces

DURAFRAME® is also suitable for hygiene regulations and other notices in the medical field:

Maintain safety distances

In public buildings such as supermarkets and pharmacies, more stringent hygiene regulations are currently in force. Floor markings can help to ensure that customers maintain the necessary distance from each other by clearly indicating the minimum safety distances. The self-adhesive marking bands and symbols from DURABLE are easy to attach, clearly visible and hard-wearing.


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Present information clearly

The floor stand is ideal as a signpost or for information in lobbies, reception halls and other representative spaces. Employees, customers, guests and visitors can thus be optimally informed about current topics.

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Closable waste bins for paper tissues etc.

To protect yourself and others, it is best to use paper handkerchiefs and throw them away in a bin with a lid. DURABIN is ideal for rubbish and is completely closed thanks to the matching lid. Or opt for a pedal bin, so that you don't have to reach the bin with your hands, but can easily open it with your foot.