Today’s working environment is driven by new technologies both for sharing information and communicating. The workplace continues to evolve as flexible working increases and the ‘place of work’ is fast replaced by the ‘device of work’.

Whether it’s working remotely or at desks in the office – laptops, tablets and mobile phones are the tools for the modern workplace. DURABLE’s IT Accessories are designed to support the needs of the new workplace by offering products that range from ergonomic wrist supports to tablet stands; a great selection of choice, design and quality.

Smartphone and Tablet accessories

With the increase in devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets; the tools of today are increasing in number at the modern work place. High quality accessories that not only offer protection but also user support. Read more >>

Media storage

The growth of digitization has led to an increase in virtual media storage but archiving and sharing tools such as CD’s and memory cards still remain important data tools. To keep data archiving and sharing professional DURABLE offers a variety of products for media storage. Read more >>

Cleaning products

By introducing a simple daily cleaning routine, office equipment can be kept in optimum condition. DURABLE offers specialized solutions to keep everyday items such as tablets, smart phones pc’s, printers, telephones and desks clean to maintain a healthy office environment. Read more >>

Mousepads and Wrist Supports

Using the correct accessories with computers reduces the risk of pain and strain. Mouse Pads and wrist supports play an important role at the computer and provide support for the wrists. Read more >>