Monitor Mounts

Why do you need a monitor mount?

Do you also spend a lot of time in front of the screen? Whether in the office or at home, computer use is increasing. Accordingly, the demands on ergonomics and efficiency are also increasing. The DURABLE monitor mounts were developed to meet precisely these requirements. See for yourself the well thought-out functions and outstanding quality Made in Germany.

Flexible monitor arm for 1 screen

Monitorhalter Schreibtisch

✔ Follows every movement: Ultra-flexible, smoothly adjustable desk mount for one 21″ – 27″ monitor

✔ Ready to use: Simply snap the monitor in using the click fastener, adjust the weight if necessary via the knob and you’re done!

✔ Premium quality: Patent pending for mounting system “Made in Germany”

Monitor desk mount for 2 screens

Monitorständer Schreibtisch

✔ Double your productivity: Stable, functional desk mount for two 21″ – 27″ monitors

✔ Simple and safe: Quick mounting with click fastener, adjust the monitor to individual preference + protection against screen slipping

✔ Premium quality: Patent pending for mounting system “Made in Germany”

Monitorständer drehbar

Change your perspective: monitor mounts from DURABLE

Monitors are among the most important tools in a modern working environment. When positioned ergonomically, they can have a major impact on your health. DURABLE’s monitor mounts for desks and walls are the intelligent solution that combines efficiency with health benefits. And not only that – productivity also benefits from a correctly positioned monitor. True to our motto: efficiency through ergonomics.

Monitorhalterung 1 Monitor

Versatile: adjustable for every use

  • for monitors from 21″ to 27″ (53.34 cm to 68.58 cm) and 3 to 8 kg
  • also suitable for curved monitors
  • for screens with a 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm VESA mount
  • monitor rotatable by 360°
  • can be tilted 110°; 85° upwards, 25° downwards
  • individually height-adjustable
  • desk clamp and bolt-through fixing for desk thicknesses from 14 to 44 mm

Monitor mounts made in Germany

We are committed to quality for your success. High-quality materials and an elegant design for a
product you can enjoy for a long time. Durable monitor mounts are designed and manufactured according to German quality standards. We provide a 10-year warranty on our patent pending mounting system. Environmentally friendly in accordance with ISO 14021: 100% recyclable and made from up to 60% recycled materials.

Which monitors can be used with the mounts?

The monitor swing arm is suitable for reliably positioning many PC and gaming monitors such as those from Samsung, Dell, Acer, AOC and much more. The screen should have the following properties:

  • Standard or curved, 21″ to 27″ (53.34 cm to 68.58 cm) in size so that desk mounts will fit. Monitors between 28″ and 38″ in size have restricted rotation.
  • Weigh between 3 and 8 kg
  • A 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm VESA mount

How do I install them?

Monitorhalterung zum Klemmen
VESA Befestigung
Monitorhalter einstellbar
Monitorhalterung Arm

1.    For monitor desk mounts, the 14–44 mm desk clamp will fit all conventional desks and table thicknesses. Alternatively, the fixing screw is also available as a feed-through for table drilling. Monitor wall mounts are supplied with all the necessary tools for fixing them to the wall.

2.    Snap the monitors into the mounts using the click fastener.

3.     For precise rotation, the gas spring in the flexible monitor arms can be adjusted using the knob to suit the weight of the monitor.

4.    Optimise your cable routing using the clips provided.

Monitorhalter Tisch

Workplace ergonomics

Think about your health. Give your back and your neck the comfort they deserve with these monitor arms. The ergonomic design of your desk-based workplace is becoming more and more important.

>> Find out more about workplace ergonomics

Monitorhalterung schwenkbar

Industrial application

Touch panels and monitors are used as standard on modern processing machines as monitoring and controlling modules. Assembly workstations also make use of screens to provide information about the course of production.

The perfect gaming set-up

An individually designed gaming set-up can have a positive influence on your playing experience. To optimise your performance, it also helps to ensure that your surroundings are tidy.

10 Tips for Office Ergonomics

  1. For an ergonomic sitting position, your elbows and knees should be at a 90° angle.

  2. Keep the monitor, keyboard and chair in a straight line to avoid twisting your spine.

  3. The top of the screen should be exactly at eye level.

  4. For individual adjustment, German legislation requires that screens must be able to rotate and tilt.

  5. You should be looking slightly down at the monitor. That relieves strain on the neck muscles, closes the eyelids slightly and helps to reduce eye drying.

  6. Side lighting is best, so set up the workstation parallel to the window.

  7. A mix of indirect and direct light sources with neutral white or daylight white workplace lamps is ideal.

  8. The eyemonitor distance should be one arm’s length (50 – 80 cm).

  9. Office plants humidify the air and prevent the surface of the eye drying out.

  10. Using two monitors boosts efficiency and reduces errors. You can turn a tablet into a second standing monitor using a mount.


The DURABLE MONITOR HOLDER for one monitor and with desk clamp was awarded the German Design Award. The "Special Mention" award recognizes a consistent design concept and implementation.

The Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie (Institute for Health and Ergonomics; IGR) has awarded the DURABLE monitor mount the ‘Ergonomic Product’ seal of quality. By this, the IGR confirms that the monitor arms have a positive effect on health, well-being and performance in the workplace.

Two DURABLE ranges of IT accessories convinced the renowned international jury of the Iconic Awards. The 2021 winners in the category "Office and Workplace" include both the functional monitor mounts from the German brand manufacturer and its cable management system CAVOLINE®.