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Find the perfect name badge for your needs.

Choosing the right name badge is the key to making it easier for your contacts to reach out to you. DURABLE offers tailored solutions for every application. But which badge is right for you?

We want to help you find the perfect name badge. Simply choose the criteria you want your badge to fulfil below. No matter whether the attachment method, application or the look are most important to you – simply click through to find your ideal badge!

Choose a name badge:

How do you want to attach your name badge?

Different people have different preferences when it comes to wearing name badges. Clothes-friendly options are preferred when attaching the badge to clothing.

Name badges with Magnet

  • Damage-free fastening
  • For delicate textiles
  • Secure hold

Name badges with Pin

  • Safe fixing
  • Simple design
  • Light and practical

Individually combinable solutions

  • Simple application
  • Fast labelling
  • Wide range of application areas

Name badges with Combi Clip

  • Pin and clip fastener
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional use

    Name badges with Clip

    • Rotatable fastening
    • Easy to read
    • Ideal for visitor management

    Crocodile clip name badges

    • Rotating clip
    • With additional tuck-in flap for shirt or lapel pockets
    • Easy use

    Name badges with textile lanyards

    • Perfect for trade fairs and conferences
    • With safety lock
    • Multiple colours available



    Duraprint - Free labelling software

    Design name badges

    Printing insert labels

    Finished name badge

    Are you looking for name badges for a specific application?

    Each industry has distinct requirements for name badges.

    Are the quality and look of the badges your top priority?

    Use our categories to help you choose.


    • Premium design
    • Quality suitable for long-term use
    • Emphasising the personality


    • Timeless design
    • Excellent readability
    • Various fastening options, also suitable for professional clothing


    • Practical functionality
    • Quick and easy handling
    • Straightforward design

    Single use or for continuous use?

    Find the perfect name badges for your use period.

    Even in increasingly virtual working worlds, face-to-face meetings are still absolutely vital.
    Whether at trade fairs, hotels and restaurants, at public authorities, banks and insurance companies, in healthcare, trade institutions and at corporate reception desks – name badges are indispensable for personal contact, laying a foundation for successful communication.
    As a name badge expert, DURABLE offers a wide range of top-quality, flexible products to provide the right solution for every field of application. The various product quality standards and fastening systems for the name badge series are vital factors in identifying the optimal field of application, while the micro-perforated BADGEMAKER® insert labels simplify the inscription of name badges. Whether handwritten or printed professionally using the free DURAPRINT® software – a perfect appearance is ensured.