Waste bin NO TOUCH – smart and contactless

Hygienic waste disposal made easy

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected practically all areas of our lives – even the way we dispose of rubbish. After all, hygienic disposal requires closable waste bins, which means that open waste baskets are being phased out in many places. Furthermore, contactless processes are becoming more important as every surface poses a potential risk of infection. The solution: our new range of waste bins with sensor technology.



NO TOUCH: The name says it all

The new, sensor-controlled waste bin NO TOUCH was specially designed to meet the needs of our changing world. The keyword here is contactless: all you need to do is to wave your hand over the lid to trigger the sensor and open the bin. After 5 seconds, it closes automatically; a countdown is shown on the display.

Automatic or manual – the choice is yours

Alternatively, the bin can also be opened and closed manually. No matter which closing method you choose, with the NO TOUCH waste bin you fulfil the requirements regarding the hygienic disposal of rubbish in a closed container.

Additional features:

Soft-close lid that can be operated both automatically or manually

Removable inner bucket with bin bag holder

Practical carry opening on the back

Waste bins with sensor technology can be used in many different areas