VARICOLOR® desk accessories

Modern filing systems for better organisation at the workplace

Order with design: VARICOLOR® offers functional products for stationary office workplaces as well as mobile work during travel. In addition to products like letter trays and magazine racks for conventional filing of documents, VARICOLOR® SMART OFFICE offers special accessories for working with tablets and storing tablet accessories.

The hallmark of VARICOLOR®: elegant anthracite grey combined with the characteristic VARICOLOR® colours yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. Discover a myriad of combinations which all harmonise perfectly with each other and enhance the look of your desk. A breath of fresh air in the series, VARICOLOR® MIX drawer boxes combine the existing colour scheme with white.

Our tip: other desk accessory series such as TREND or BASIC also offer perfect additions, for example wastepaper baskets in matching colours. And the CAVOLINE® range has products that help you to manage cables around your desk in next to no time.

The impact of colour

The key to success: winning multiple awards and available in several different versions, VARICOLOR® drawer boxes have become a bestseller among desktop accessories. The colourful drawers not only lift the office workers‘ spirits, but also facilitate orientation and sorting.

VARICOLOR® Storage boxes

  • drawer box with coloured drawers
  • drawers operate smoothly and silently and have drawer stops
  • suitable for storing A4, C4, folio and letter-size formats

VARICOLOR® Magazine rack

  • coordinated design
  • attractive colours

VARICOLOR® Letter trays

  • coordinated design
  • attractive colours

VARICOLOR® Smart Office

  • the product line for mobile workers and flexible workplaces.
  • perfectly adapted to the requirements of the new digital working environment
  • provides versatile organisation and storage facilities

VARICOLOR® Phone Holder

  • a universal charging holder for all makes and models of mobile phone
  • offers convenient charging directly at the socket
  • smart cable managemement and a rubberised non-slip surface ensures stability of the phone

More about Phone Holder >>


  • safe storage of loose sheets and documents
  • without the need for hole punching
  • with high-quality, laterally swivelling plastic clip


  • clear organisation saves time
  • Made from high quality materials
  • large variety of different options