DURABLE develops, constructs and produces products for demanding clients. Thanks to our distinct innovative strength, high quality of our products and relevant concepts, we have been able to establish ourselves worldwide as an expert for New Work solutions. With our highly innovative LUCTRA® series of lamps, we have not only hit the spirit of the time, but successfully developed a promising new market segment.

Why sustainability in a company?

We are convinced that every success in business can only be considered as such if it can contribute to
keeping our world peaceful and intact and also meets the requirements of sustainability for the following generations.

Vision, responsibility for our environment and a humane society shape the style of success on which we model ourselves.

How important is sustainability for our customers? - Satisfied customers are our

We employ a lot of technology and a high degree of innovativeness with developed technical expertise to meet our customers’ demands.

The commitment of each and every one of our employees is decisive in this regard.

Quality policy in practice

The highest quality standards in both industrial manufacturing and custom production are key for us. To
meet the requirements of our customers domestically and internationally, we have to examine our quality
and environmental policy continuously and develop it in a way that exceeds customer expectations while
taking into account and observing all relevant legislation. Our quality and environmental policy has to ensure that quality and the environment are and remain in the minds of everyone working in our company. As a manufacturer, we have to demonstrate that we control our production processes and are organised so we can ensure consistent quality in all areas.

DURABLE strives for qualitative and sustainable growth through the use of a management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and consistent orientation toward processes. This involves thinking about processes, lean management, constant quality development, internationalisation and continuous improvement of key indicators.

Our quality management is organised so that we can first identify and assess all risks of our products
without exception and then take appropriate action to control them. This is why all DURABLE products
have been designed to be reliable and to comply with regulations.

Environmentally friendly corporate management is more important than ever and is part of the basic understanding of modern business for many companies. Whether savings in power consumption, the constant optimization of the internal recycling process and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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