DURAPRINT® - Free labelling software

Create plastic cards, insert labels, door labels and all other PC-inscribable DURABLE products. With the DURAPRINT® design software, you can design individual print templates in just a few steps and print them out conveniently:

  •     Use of own logos is possible

If you need assistance in learning the system, please read the FAQs or the instructions and help functions in the software.

Create personalised inserts

Templates for folder spines labels

Label your folder spine labels uniformly and clearly by designing the insert labels online. Enter the texts easily and upload your logo if required. In the next step, simply print out your templates.

Suitable for the ORDOFIX® self-adhesive folder labels for wide and narrow folders.

Templates for name badges

Whether plastik cards, name badges or table name badges: print them individually and personally. Design plastic cards for business and customer cards as well as cards for different occasions and events. Employee or visitor badges as well as table name badges can easily be printed professionally in just a few steps. Use the matching BADGEMAKER® insert badges for name badges.

Templates for file tabs

Label blank insert tabs for registers online. You can print the interchangeable tabs professionally and according to your needs in just a few steps.
Furthermore, the cover sheets and backs of all inscribable indexes can also be designed and printed with DURAPRINT®.

Templates for door signs

Design individual door signs for your business premises or for events and functions. With DURAPRINT® you can label your signs in just a few steps and upload a company logo or images. Whether CRYSTAL SIGNINFO SIGN or CLICK SIGN - suitable for all DURABLE door sign series.

Labelling software at a glance

Save projects on cloud server

DURAPRINT® offers the opportunity to save projects on a cloud server for logged in users.

Database for texts & images

To optimize your workflow you can simply upload an csv-datasheet included all nessecary information.

EAN, QR-Code generator included

With DURAPRINT® it´s to create a range of codes such as EAN or QR codes.

Tablet, windows and mac version

DURAPRINT® is optimized for all kinds of devices.

Browser based application

DURAPRINT® is a browser-based software so no installation is required.


The item number 1470, which still appears on many sheets, corresponded to the earlier DURAPRINT® version, which we sold on discs for installation onto computers. This version will now only work on computers running Windows® XP or an older operating system.

In order to supply our software to all users, including those with newer operating systems, we have decided to provide DURAPRINT® free of charge online. The advantage of this is that companies with strict security rules do not need to install any additional software. Furthermore, the software can always be updated and optimised quickly.

DURAPRINT® is excellently suitable for printing plastic cards with your DURACARD printer. Simply select “DURACARD Cards” under Product category, choose the corresponding product and get designing!

You do not have to register and login to be able to use DURAPRINT®. To use DURAPRINT® without registering, just click “Continue without registration”. However, registration is required if you want to save your designs to the cloud and share them with remote colleagues.

Click the corresponding product category to see various key words and find the product you need. Alternatively, you can enter the 4-digit number of the items you wish to label directly into the search bar next to the heading “Product category” to bring up matching results.

Finally, choose the line you need and click “Select product” on the right-hand side below the preview.

One of our customers had the following problem:

“I uploaded a data source (Excel table) and added an image archive to it. However, I can’t find the option to change the database, i.e., to now link the finished layout to another database and image file (zip). As soon as I’ve used the database in the web app, I can’t use this template again. I can’t use any database features in the changed file either. The data source view has completely disappeared. How can I solve this problem?”

Our customer service team answered:

To be able to use your DURAPRINT® file as a template for later use, keep the database open and do NOT click “Use database”.

Then save the project as it is on your hard drive. When you re-open the project, you’ll be able to work with other data.

Yes, you can do this via the “Use database” option. First, upload your Excel list and then insert the corresponding fields. In this way, fields such as first name and surname or a company name can be inserted in predefined positions.

Our tip: Add the information for the name badges to the Excel template so that it looks exactly how you want it to on the badges. This makes designing in the software even easier.

Yes, this is possible. To do this, you should first clearly name the photos of the employees. E.g. by numbering or the matching surnames. Once you have done this, please proceed as follows:

Create an Excel list with all the texts that should be on the print file and then add the matching picture name. Save all images in a ZIP folder to be able to upload it later.


1) Open DURAPRINT® and select the correct product.

2) Create an excel sheet with the appropriate names, functions and other texts you want to use for the series function. For the pictures of e.g. employees you would have to use another column in which you write the complete picture name including the designation of the picture type. For example: "Mustermann.jpg".

3) Put all the pictures into a ZIP file.

4) In the DURAPRINT® software you can then upload the Excel table via "Upload data table".

5) To upload the various images, click on "Upload the archive with the images" and select your ZIP folder.

6) Now drag the individual cell contents onto the design area and design your product.
In this way you can use DURAPRINT® for example as an employee ID card software to print your individual plastic cards.