Presentation file DURAPLUS® DE LUXE A4+

Art. No. 258902
A quality folder for a superior presentation. • Extra-wide for filing plastic pockets • A4 clear view pocket front cover • Back cover with clear inside pocket • Cover strip to conceal fastener • Sliding filing strip to enable filing in files and ring binders • Channel for suspension rail 1531 For quotations, certificates, reports, presentations, job applications and business reports.
Product datasheet
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Filing mechanism
Lacquered metal suspension rail
Hole spacing
80 mm
Colour Filing Mechanism
Labelling Strips
Colour Front Cover
Colour Back Cover
Front cover pocket
Back cover pocket
Recessed slot for easy access
Can be filed/removed
fileable, removeable
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
18 mm
Format/Format for
Orientation Format
Main material
Clear view folder DURALUX® A4+
Art. No.: 2681
Clear view folder DURALUX® A4+
Folder with clear extra-strong PVC front cover and elegant translucent rigid PVC back cover with clear inside pocket. Channel for suspension rail 1531.
Cover rail for filing mechanism A4
Art. No.: 2924
Cover rail for filing mechanism A4
Cover the filing mechanism within folders with 8cm fastener to enhance appearance and prevent damage to the filing prongs. Suitable for all DURABLE folders.
Filing accessory for filing mechanism
Art. No.: 2996
Filing accessory for filing mechanism
By inserting the filing strip in the fastener, the DURAPLUS quotation folder and the clear view folders 2580 and 2573 can be stored in files and ring binders.
Suspension rail
Art. No.: 1531
Suspension rail
Can be inserted into all suitable DURABLE folders for storage in suspension filing systems. Made of metal with sintered tips. 25 per pack