10 topics with 10 facts each: To mark its anniversary, DURABLE – the expert for modern working environments – is presenting information on the latest professional trends.

100 years – 100 facts: Maintain healthy posture: 10 facts on healthier working in the home office

Iserlohn, 22/03/2021. During the pandemic, 45 percent of all employees are working full-time or part-time from home. (Bitkom Study, December 2020) Many are using their normal home furniture, which is not designed to be used for eight hours of desk work. This results in poor posture, not only adversely affecting joints and muscles, but also the cardiovascular system and the metabolism. Healthier working in the home office: Modern work expert DURABLE has put together a list of 10 facts.

How to work healthier: 10 facts for the home office

  • Not everyone has a desk at home. No matter which table you use, it should be 60-75 cm in height for seated activities.
  • If your chair is height-adjustable, the seat should be between 42 and 53 cm in height, depending on the sitter’s height. Alternatively, you can increase the chair's seat height with cushions or a folded blanket.
  • The ideal position 90, 90, 90: While sitting, your hips, knees and ankles should be at a 90° angle. If you need to, place a book under your feet to find the right position.
  • Stand up! Alternating between sitting and standing positions at regular intervals is good for your circulation and your back.
  • Nothing is harder on the eyes than staring at a screen for hours. For this reason, we recommend using a good external monitor even if you already have a laptop screen.
  • If you don’t have a good place for the monitor, a monitor mount can help you achieve the perfect viewing position: 50 - 80 cm from the user, with the top of the screen at eye level.
  • The kids are romping around, or your partner is renovating: noise adversely affects your ability to concentrate. Ensure that your working environment is not too loud.
  • Stale, dry air makes you tired and prone to illness. Regular ventilation and indoor plants give you an oxygen boost and increase humidity.
  • Mixing work and leisure is a stress factor (IBA report). Filing away your documents neatly, for example in the VARICOLOR® drawer box, reduces stress.
  • Spending time at your desk very early in the morning or late at night: Working from home can change our daily routines. Lamps with biologically effective light, e.g. from the LUCTRA® collection, can be adapted to your individual rhythm and enhance your well-being.


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