Rotary file VISIFIX® CUBO®

Art. No. 244701

Practical rotary file, complete with 150 pockets for 300 business cards and 25 piece A-Z index. Rotary mechanism allows direct access to pockets, which are easily removed for inserting business cards.

Dimensions: 21.5x12.0x18.5 cm (WxHxD)

Product datasheet
PDF 228.5 KB
Register division (number of sheets)
25 pcs.
Register type
Letter register A - Z
Tab type
Removable Entries
Outer width (mm)
Outer height (mm)
Outer depth/length
185 mm
Filling quantity/Filling quantity for
400 business card(s)
Format/Format for
104 x 72 mm
Orientation Format
Main material
Rotary file VISIFIX®
Art. No.: 2481
Rotary file VISIFIX®
Rotary index for the storage of business cards. Supplied with 200 business card pockets (104 x 72 mm) for storage of up to 400 cards. Complete with 25 part A–Z index. Provides quick, simple access to cards thanks to special rotary mechanism. Easy removal and insertion of pockets.