No matter if you work in IT, engineering, sales and marketing or finance and accounting – as a freelancer, you are a recognised expert in your field. And you are constantly on the lookout for the next challenge. Your strength lies in working on new and innovative projects and ensuring the project’s success. You are communicative and creative and know exactly how your clients tick. Organising, planning and managing projects in interdisciplinary teams and leading them to a successful conclusion is an exciting challenge that you take on every day.

How freelancers can reconcile mobile working and data protection

  • Freelance work places a lot of demands on the protection of confidential data.
  • Mobile working harbours the potential, significant threat of visual hacking.
  • Privacy filters for laptops protect extremely confidential data from being viewed by unauthorised onlookers.

Why do freelancers have to go to such efforts to ensure data privacy?

If your clients operate throughout the German-speaking world and in neighbouring EU countries, your job will involve a lot of travel with regular overnight stays. You probably often use public transport for these business trips and travel frequently by plane and train. On the way, you make use of the travel time to plan appointments, allocate budgets and resources, and also to provide commercial and operational support for complex projects.

Of course, all these tasks are highly confidential as information is usually only shared with an extremely limited group of recipients. Your client expects you to work with utmost loyalty and integrity?

How to protect yourself effectively against visual hacking

So, how can you prevent your fellow passengers from becoming visual hackers and reading-and even using- sensitive, confidential information without your say-so? Unauthorised viewing of confidential information on screens is not unusual – and is dangerous. It can have very unpleasant consequences because sensitive information may end up in the wrong hands. Reliable, physical privacy filters provide effective protection against visual hacking.

What are the additional advantages of DURABLE privacy filters?

DURABLE’s privacy filters are an effective and practical solution for your laptop. The functional, well-designed micro-slat technology prevents prying eyes from reading the screen from the side while providing the legitimate user with a sharp image of the content. For anyone sitting next to you, the screen remains dark meaning nothing can be seen. Furthermore, the display films reduce harmful blue light by approx. 30%.

The innovative privacy filters from DURABLE are available in the ten most common screen sizes. Four of them are designed specifically for Apple MacBooks. Our privacy filters are the first on the market to use the new smart way of attaching the filter to the screen via the use of magnets. It means they are very easy to attach and no adhesive strips are required. When not in use, the filter can be stored in the sleeve provided.