Our contribution to holistic climate protection

Our carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of our company is 5,242 t CO2.

We are working in various areas to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions. 

In addition, we invest in climate protection projects that generate energy through wind and solar plants. In this way, we are specifically supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals 7, 8 and 13 as a first step.

We have been certified as a carbon-neutral company since 1 February 2023. For this, we have been working together with ClimatePartner to calculate our CCF - Corporate Carbon Footprint.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutrality for companies includes direct emissions caused within the company such as electricity and heat generation, vehicle fleet, fugitive gases and indirect emissions from purchased energy, business travel, and employee travel.

Companies are carbon neutral if their calculated CO2 emissions have been offset by supporting internationally recognised climate protection projects. In addition to avoidance and reduction, this offsetting of CO2 emissions is an important step in holistic climate protection.

Indirect emissions that occur outside the company in the production of raw materials and intermediate products, external logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes are not subject to climate neutrality.

How is carbon neutrality implemented with ClimatePartner?

What is a climate protection project?

Climate protection projects demonstrate saving greenhouse gases and make an important contribution to combating global warming. In addition, they promote sustainable development in the project countries, for example by improving the supply of clean drinking water, expanding local infrastructure, creating jobs, or protecting biodiversity.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations provide a globally recognised benchmark to measure these positive effects. Their goals include the fight against poverty and hunger, the promotion long-life learning opportunities for all and the worldwide distribution of clean and affordable energy.