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This wall-mounted tablet holder has been created for many different areas of application and supports the use of tablets for information purposes. These include trade fairs, office areas as well as sales and exhibition rooms. The holder's low-key design enables unobtrusive, flat wall mounting.

•    Variable fit for all tablet sizes from 7" to 13"
•    Symmetrical opening of the holder from 160 to 275 mm
•    Easy insertion and removal of the tablet
•    Rotatable: 360° for portrait and landscape format, with snap-in points at every 90°
•    Cable management: Aperture in the holder serves as charging cable outlet for the tablet
•    Locking of the holder with a special key
•    Effective protection against lateral removal of the tablet PC
•    Strong and secure attachment on walls, easy assembly
•    Materials: Aluminium, ABS
•    Dimensions: 85 x 50 x 180 mm (W x H x D)

Tablets gaining ground: Our trend paper Tablets@work examines the use of tablet PCs in various industries. Download >



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