Simple, fast, professional

Do you want to design name badges professionally? Create door signs quickly? Produce your own ID cards?

You can do all this with DURAPRINT! The free software is easy to use and provides hints and tips to help you design door signs, folders, indexes and name badges.

If you want to print your own ID cards you can use the DURACARD (LINK) card printer.

Use DURAPRINT to make safety and hygiene measures clear.

DURABLE has provided templates for a variety of signs which can help workplaces comply with safety measures and prevent infection.

The templates include "washing hands correctly", "keeping distance" and "disinfecting hands" which you can simply adapt your needs and print in a few clicks.


The DURAPRINT® marking software has the right functions for every application. Free of charge. Simple. Individually.

DURAPRINT® offers the opportunity to save projects on a cloud server for logged in users.

The usage of DURAPRINT® is optimized for any kind of device

To optimize your workflow you can simply upload an EXCEL datasheet included all nessecary information.

DURAPRINT® is a browser based software so no installations are nessecary.

With DURAPRINT® it is pretty simple to create different types codes, like EAN od QR.