Badge reels



Badge reels are useful companions in your daily work. In combination with name badges or card holders, they ensure that ID cards and magnetic cards are always kept ready to hand. With a clip on the back, the badge reel can be fastened safely to a loop on your bag, to a belt or to a key ring. ID cards or access permits are tied to the badge reel with a snap button loop and can be pulled out by up to 60 or 80 cm. The ribbon subsequently rolls up again smoothly and easily.

This way of handling dispenses with laborious pulling out and re-pocketing ID cards, and badge reels can be used wherever locking systems, security zones and daily access control systems are in place. They are suitable for:

• Company ID cards

• Magnetic cards

• Access cards

Their daily use makes badge reels an ideal advertising medium. Users move about with your brand logo and have it constantly in view. Internal use in companies ensures that staff members are immediately recognised.

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The doming badge can be printed and designed individually to your specifications.

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