In daily home life or when travelling, data theft happens more often than we would think.


In addition to bank cards and credit cards, this also affects health insurance cards and other ID cards. Readout of encoded cards with special reading devices is possible even from a long distance. Reliable protection against data theft and unauthorised readout of personal data is provided by the RFID/NFC-proof credit card sleeves from DURABLE.


Product details:

• RFID/ NFC-proof card cover for one card in credit card format

• TÜV-certified protection against 13.56 MHz signals

• With thumb slot for quick access

• Internal dimensions: 54 x 86 mm

• External dimensions: 61 x 90 mm

• Ideal for all bank cards, since the card cover fits perfectly into wallet compartments

As a personalised product, the card sleeve offers security with your logo. The card protection device can also be used for any conceivable target group. Reach a large number of grateful customers “with safety”.

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